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Baker Throw Blanket

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Trying to achieve the stylish and "effortlessly tossed" throw look? We find the Baker Throw drapes gracefully over any chair, bed, or sofa with a light-weight yet durable knit feel, pleasingly accented by hand-tied fringe. The neutral and dark gray palette along with subtle modern pattern make it a constant styling companion.

Need help styling? For a neat look fold the throw in thirds and drape over an ottoman or the arm of your sofa.  For a comfy textured look, lay the blanket down on the floor or bed and grab the throw in the center, one third from one side and lay over the top of your sofa or arm chair.  Style pillows on top of the throw! 

  • Gray and cream color
  • Knit with a soft cotton blend
  • Care: machine washable
Dimensions: 63"L x 51"W x .25"H